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I Got Soul - with Eniola Falase


Release Me - with Eniola Falase


Purple Pearl - tribute to Prince!

Debut album "Brand New U"

Our debut album "Brand New U" was released on September 14, 2018!

Many thanks to our labels: ShittyIsPretty in cooperation with Légère Recordings!
Feel free to listen and get "Brand New U" at Bandcamp, ShittyIsPretty shop or any record store of your choice!

About Uebertribe

Uebertribe is a funk band from Hamburg, Germany, known for its surprising „over the cliff“ grooves and arrangements and a gritty sound. Having their roots in raw funk, Uebertribe takes you to a trip to the outer space through genres like Afrobeat, P-Funk and Jazzfunk. Hittin' it on the one, getting hard as Funk Rock, shooting through the Neosouls grease, and putting some Voodoo on all of it, Uebertribe sounds raw and dirty, cause dirt keeps the Funk.

„High energy raw funk with that jangly guitar we all love mixed with some Hammond, we can’t ask for anything more“ - wrote Flea Market Funk to their first seven inch drop on Our Label Records. Well, meanwhile they have some more to offer. Uebertribes debut album - Brand New U - was released on September 14, 2018. Charming shitty analog recording (thx Dennis Rux), mighty Hammond B3 (thx Chris Haertel), powerful horn section (thx Diazpora Horns) and loads of vintage gear were essential to get these 9 instrumental tracks as raw and expressive as they were meant to sound. And their mission as a band - “We sweat, u dance, and we all have fun” - is quite apparent in all of them!













Brand New U
12' Album, 2018.

Purple Pearl
Digital Single, 2018.

Game Over
7' Single, 2015.


What people say

„Tough as Hell, Hard German Funk, like the younger siblings of “The Poets Of Rhythm” in their prime & that really is a good thing!"

Boca 45

„The five piece out of Hamburg, Germany is making some noise and it sure is fun-kay! With influences that include afrobeat, jazz, funk, as well as voodoo and funk rock, they’re ready to blast you out into orbit in their rocket.“


„A bustling guitar n hammond affair which fairly races to the end of its two-odd minutes when it’s Game Over as it promptly self-combusts in fretboard flames.“



The best way to contact is is to drop a line to our facebook site: Uebertribe


UEBERTRIBE Gbr, c/o Mumsenstrasse 3, 22767 Hamburg, represented by: Alexey Gusev.
Contact: info [at]